Starry Alberta Christmas Tree – 5 ft.


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Starry microlights are going to steal the holiday show this year. Use the remote to choose your favorite color and light functions with 116 combinations. This tree features hyper realistic branch tips cast molded from a real-life Alberta spruce! With a slim profile, you will have a bit more wiggle room to tuck into corners and entryways. The EZ power pole makes setup a breeze. No more wires, just attach your sections and call it a day!


600 WRGB LED Bulbs

  • Full spectrum RGB color options
  • Separate warm white diode for authentic holiday look

Wireless Remote

  • 116 Functions
  • 14 color combinations
  • 12 light operations

Built in timer; 6hr on 18hr off

  • Foot Pedal
  • On/ Off button

Mounted along power cable

  • EZ Power Pole
  • Simply attach each section, no wiring needed

955 branch tips

  • 50% molded PE branches

5’ measured from base of stand to top branch
34" diameter at base
13.86 lb


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